Comparing Store-Bought Shoe Inserts To Custom Orthotics

Foot pain is never normal, and it can ruin your day. Shoe inserts and orthotics can help relieve pain, but they won’t cure your condition. The need for an insert or an orthotic depends largely on the severity of your foot issue. But you may be wondering how to choose between the off-the-shelf brand and…

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When To Call A Doctor About Your Foot Health

Our feet take a lot of abuse from us throughout the course of our lives. We depend on them to keep us upright and to take us where we need to go. They’re a complex system of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that support us. That’s why even minor pain in our feet can be…

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Back To School Sports And Foot Health

student athlete with injured foot or ankle

Sports teach children a lot of great skills, but they can also cause injuries. In fact, one out of every three childhood injuries are a result of a sports-related activity. And the most common areas injured by young athletes are the ankle and the knee. With school sports starting up, injuries may be more common.…

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Stay Active This Spring While Keeping Foot Health Top Of Mind

up close foot on bike pedal stay active spring

As the weather warms up and the outdoors begins to look more inviting, our thoughts naturally start heading toward outside activities. It’s important to care for our entire bodies, though, so keeping foot health top of mind while you’re staying active this spring is a good idea. The U.S. Department of Health recommends that adults…

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How To Prevent Spring Sports Injuries To The Ankle And Foot

boy sliding into base during baseball game sports injuries

Spring sports are here as the weather warms up. That also means the likelihood of spring sports injuries related to the ankle and foot is increasing. Fortunately, a little bit of prevention goes a long way. Injuries can happen at any time. In fact, statistics show that 90 percent of student athletes have reported receiving…

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What Plantar Fasciitis Feels Like And How It’s Treated

man massaging foot with plantar fasciitis

From simply supporting our weight on a daily basis to the brutal demands of sports and high-intensity exercise, our feet have a sometimes thankless job. But when our feet start aching and hurting, we stand up and take notice. One of the most common types of foot pain and injury is plantar fasciitis — about…

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Dr. William Arthur Blazes A New Trail At Aboite Podiatry

Dr. William Arthur wanted to be a firefighter. His grandfather, Bill Langmeyer, was a firefighter (a well-known one in Fort Wayne). His uncle was a firefighter. Even his best friend was a firefighter. During his senior year at Concordia Lutheran High School, Dr. Arthur was taking classes at Anthis Career Center to become a firefighter.…

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